Insulating barn workshop

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Insulating barn workshop

Postby ldw208 » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:46 am

I live in southern Minnesota and am converting part of a large dairy barn into a workshop. I will be using part of the first floor for the shop, tearing part of the loft out to gain additional height for working on cars and tractors, but leaving some of the loft in for extra storage.

Barn has block walls going up about 8 feet, then tongue and groove vertical siding. It's about 34X80, arch roof, and peak is about 30 feet. The first floor is about 8 feet tall. There is no venting at the roof peak or soffits.

Thru a little luck, I've acquired some foil faced foam sheets and fiberglass insulation, so I will be using what I have. Because of budget, spraying foam is not really an option.

Questions are:

1- Where I leave the loft floor in, I want to insulate the ceiling underneath. Do I fill that cavity completely, or do I need to leave some space for ventilation? If I need to leave room for ventilation, do I need to get outside air into that area? Currently those ceiling/floor joists run toward an end wall without and vents to the outside. The loft area is large (old hay loft), and being an old barn, not necessarily very tight. I don't plan on heating or insulating the loft area.

2- I want to insulate the block walls on the lower level. Currently my plan is to glue foil faced foam to the blocks, taping the ends and edges. Then I'll build walls and add fiberglass before sheeting with osb or corrugated steel. Should I use kraft faced insulation, or unfaced? Also, if I use corrugated steel, should I leave a gap between the insulation and the steel?

Thanks for any ideas & insight you can give me...
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