Insulating a basement after walls are up

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Insulating a basement after walls are up

Postby JoeX » Sat Feb 09, 2013 5:28 pm

I'm seeking some advice on how to insulate my basement. I've been searching the web and noticed that a lot of people put foam board up BEFORE they put up the walls. I wish i would have known that before I put up my walls... I was going to try and squeeze some form board behind the wall but its very close to the exterior wall (as shown the picture).


Some things to know about my house/basement/project:
- I live in Michigan
- I live at the top of a pretty large hill, I'm one of the highest houses in my sub-division
- I don't have a sub-pump
- My basement exterior wall aren't ever cold to the touch
- I'm planning on leaving my ceiling exposed and just paint the beams (meaning there will be exposure to the backside of the wall)
- No visible water stains on basement floor or walls

So my question is what would be the best way to insulate my basement walls? As of now I'm thinking about just using R-13.

And another question, I was also planning on using R-13 to insulate my interior basement walls to act as a sound deadener. So that it reduces the noise between rooms. Is that ok?!?!
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