Respirator Safety When Using 2 Part Spray Foam

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Re: Respirator Safety When Using 2 Part Spray Foam

Postby foamboy » Wed Feb 08, 2012 7:26 pm

Its says on the MSDS and on the box, that an air fed respirator must be used, I know first hand, Me and my two co-workers worked in attics with two part foam for ten days, we used regular respirators, our eyes were burning, we would get dizzy and lightheaded, we experienced short term memory loss, slurrd speach, there are alot of cheap contractors out there that are too cheap to buy the proper safety equipment, my old boss was one of them, luckily we stopped using it when we did so we didn't get any permenant damage that I know of, the respirator has to have a full facemask covering the eyes, cause it damges your eyes to I had screwed up vision, read the MSDS, its all there
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